The plan B of FCA

FCA’s plan B is to look even further in both terms, time and space. While the French decide what to do, Manley and his guys should start looking for partners in China.

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Fiat-Chrysler and Mitsubishi?

This year has been full of news for Fiat. It started with the expected announcement of the final merge between Fiat and Chrysler groups. Then the new name and the headquarters. Then came the presentation of the industrial plan 2015-2018. This all happened at the same time Maserati experiences its best sales results ever, and […]

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Be careful Maserati!

Shocking images arrive from China, where an upset owner of a Maserati Quattroporte decided to destroy its beautiful car as the way of complaining about the bad service. Pictures show how 4 guys, who were hired by the Quattroporte’s unhappy owner, destroy the car ‘leaving the vehicle with a shattered windscreen and mirrors, the grille […]

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China 2012 Full Year Analysis

Last year Fiat-Chrysler sold around 57.000 units in China, up a massive 45%*. This is a very good result if total market is not considered: China is world’s largest car market and Fiat-Chrysler is one of the last car makers to arrive. Of course is always good to have that growth rate, but is also […]

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Looking at the other China

One country, two societies. China is world’s most populated country and soon will be the largest economy. Its accelerated economic growth has made of it a big market where everybody wants to be. Automotive world is part of this boom doing both, creating better economic conditions to Chinese, and getting big profits from the business […]

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