Alfa Romeo in USA this year!

Alfa Romeo in USAThe countdown for the return of Alfa Romeo in US market has started. Sergio Marchionne confirmed what all Alfistas have been waiting for: by the end of 2013 the brand will officially start to sell its products in that market. After many delays it seems that the new age for this mythical brand is just right in the corner. The comeback in the States means a new beginning for Alfa Romeo as this market will become its largest one and therefore the base for the development of future products. Fiat wants America to be the first step of making global the brand. For that they have to be sure not only of the quality of the future cars but they must work hard on dealerships, service and marketing campaign. Selling a car in USA is not just having the places where to sell it. It means to create a personal image that will be transmitted to the public and will serve to continue conquering other important markets (China, Russia, Brazil). However at the beginning the brand will move carefully with the introduction of one single model which will be shy in volume but giant in terms of image: the 4C. This terrific light sporty car is expected to be officially presented in Geneva 2013 (to take in less than 2 months) and then it will be introduced in American market by the end of this year. According to people from Mirafiori (in Turin), this sport-coupe is extremely light and really good with its performance, and its look will not change a lot from what we saw in Geneva 2011 (except for the interior). The 4C will arrive in USA to open the market to future mass products such as the next D-Sedan (aka Giulia), the future E-Sedan and the C-SUV. Can’t wait.

Alfa Romeo 4C Geneva 2011

Me and the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept back in Geneva’s Motor Show 2011. An amazing car


7 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo in USA this year!

  1. The 4C looks to be a very nice car, but it’s only 2500 units per year. Even if half of those go to USA, that’s very few sales to support a brand-new Alfa Romeo dealer network until the Giulia, Roadster and the SUV are available. (Or will they rely on the existing Fiat 500 dealers to offer Alfa Romeos as well?)

    The Roadster is mid-2015 production date (according to the joint Mazda press release), Giulia and the SUV shows as just “2015” in Marchionne’s product plan.


  2. L’Alfa Romeo 4C sarà venduta dai franchise Fiat negli Stati Uniti, controllati per la maggior parte da concessionari Chrysler.


  3. The latest news (from Marchionne’s investor presentation today) is that the next new Alfa Romeo models won’t arrive until 2015, so the US dealers will only have a few 4Cs to sell until then.


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