Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or Lamborghini Aventador?

Ferrari vs Lamborghini 1Time for supercars. The top of two mythical brands: the 740 hp, V12 Ferrari Berlinetta, presented in Geneva 2012, against the German-Italian Lamborghini Aventador with 700 hp V12 engine. Both of them are extremely fast, powerful, beautiful and of course expensive. Is the question for millionaires but this time I want you to answer: which one do you like more, the classic Berlinetta or the aggressive Aventador?

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Results for Poll # 8

Chrysler 300: 72%

Chevrolet Impala: 28%

Total Votes: 103


6 thoughts on “Ferrari F12 Berlinetta or Lamborghini Aventador?

  1. There is not doubt that the F12 is the far superior car. But Ferrari need a dramatic mid engined V12 to steel the thunder of the Aventador. The LaFerrari is too expensive and is limited edition only. Besides I think that it looks ugly. With the Aventador Lamborghini has got the styling spot on. Ferrari needs a new 512/Testarossa replacement. I’m quite sure they can use a modified 458 chassis and slot in the F12 V12. Just my 2 cents. I know Ferrari are dominant in their sector. But why not press a bit more since they can?


    • It’s true that the F12 and Aventador are not really competitors: the F12 is a front-engined grand tourer, not an all-out mid-engined supercar along the lines of the legendary 512 BB and Testarossa.


  2. I never saw a Ferrari F12 but… I saw a Lamborghini Aventador (or it was very close to this), and i have to say… Its imposing.

    I like the Aventador design, its agressive, but, Ferrari’s front and Ferrari’s interior are unique in my opinion.


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