Ferrari 458 Italia or Porsche 911?

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911Italy versus Germany. Two cars full of technology and performance. The Ferrari is the result of how Italians understand a super sport car, while the Porsche is the maximum expression of German fun. It’s quite hard to say which one offers the best performance, but is easy to understand their body language designs. The Ferrari is more aggressive, different and perhaps out of the standard of Italian beauty. The Porsche is the perfect example of how Germans understand evolution: the same design over the years transformed into a beauty and classic sporty car. Italians risk, Germans prefer not to. Anyway, two great cars with two different approaches but with the same goal: give the driver exciting emotions. Which one do you like more?

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 2

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 3

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 4

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 5

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 6

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 7

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 8

Ferrari 458 Italia vs Porsche 911 9


Results for Poll # 18

Chrysler 200: 67%

Toyota Camry: 33%

Total Votes: 93


7 thoughts on “Ferrari 458 Italia or Porsche 911?

  1. The amazing thing about the 911 is how good it looks after 50 years, given that the key design themes are still the same.

    I would love to see some new Ferraris with classic styling cues, too.


  2. Thysi, do you really think?? I think the design of a 911 is one of the uglyiest cars ever in the world….don’t know, is a thing of taste, but a 911 seems to be a crushed down VW beetle


    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? If we all loved exactly the same cars (and women, and art, and wine, and …) this would be a boring world.

      I would still like to see Ferrari pay some homage to its history, of which it has no shortage.


  3. The Porsche is not bad to look at IMO but the Ferrari is just stunning. However there is a huge price gap between the 911 and the 458. Ferrari (or Maserati) need a serious 911 challenger.


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  5. You can’t compare 458 to 911 generally. One 458 can cost as much as two simple Carrera 911’s. Only 911 Turbo or Turbo S are on par with Ferrari 458 in performance and they ‘re still cheaper.


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