The B-Segment in Europe

B-Segment Europe 2013

Here is the B-Segment, one of Europe’s most important:

B hatchback Europe 2013

B premium Europe 2013

B sedan Europe 2013

B SW Europe 2013

Click here to see A-Segment Europe


9 thoughts on “The B-Segment in Europe

    • Corsa also comes from that year, yet they announced plan for just another facelift , while all-new punto will see the lights in Q3 2014 i believe.


      • I don’t think a new Punto is coming until 2016. Need to wait for Marchionne’s revised product plan 6 months from now, though.


  1. Many cars in this segment with a strong competitive pressure. I just want to hightlight the Fiat Punto is 8 years old, the oldest one together with Opel Corsa (they share a lot of components). Mito by Alfa is 5 years old, but nothing has changed in these years, and everybody knows that it is very important to introduce innovations to support sales. And finally the cute Ypsilon, it is new but it is a phenomenon just associated with the Italian market.


  2. Isn’t Lancia Ypsilon the smallest car in B segement ? In some countries Ypsilon is shown in A segment statistics.


    • I know. The Ypsilon derives from Panda’s platform. However the previous generations were closer to B-Segment and current one is a bit expensive to be considered A-segment.


  3. There are rumours coming from city of Kragujevac, most likely engineers from the factory claiming the new Punto will be produced there beginning with 2014. May. Currently the 500L production is halted for the next seven days due to installing new equipment in the paint shop.


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