My top 10 favorite non-Fiat cars

Last time I shared with you my favorite 10 Fiat-Chrysler cars. Now is the time for the rivals. Those cars that I love and don’t make part of the group. This ranking is only for European car market.

# 1: Citroën DS5

Citroën DS5 side view

When I saw it for the first time in pictures I didn’t like it at all. Many shapes, many details and lights. But then I saw it in Geneva 2012 and then in my summer vacations in France, and I fell in love with it. It’s design is quite balanced and the best, there is no other car like it in the market.

# 2: BMW 3-Series


Every time I see one, I like it more and more. I love its front and the SW looks awesome.

# 3: Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

I have always loved the Range Rover and its latest generation is not the exception. It is the perfect luxury SUV

# 4: Porsche 911


Yes, all Porsche are boring. They look all the same and the 911 has been the same car since the last 30 years. But the latest generation combines the classic lines with a very simple touch of elegance in a spoty look.

# 5: Bentley Mulsanne


It is gorgeous! absolutely fantastic. It looks much better than any Rolls-Royce.

# 6: BMW 6-Series


Both, the Coupe and Sedan, are the best sporty coupes in E-Segment.

# 7: Jaguar F-Type


I love this new Jaguar. It is an elegant sporty small cabrio. Simple and nice.

# 8: Land Rover Evoque


The shapes of this small SUV are wonderful. No other SUV dares to do it.

# 9: Skoda Octavia


It may be a boring car. But the new Octavia looks great. Simple but nice.

# 10: Seat Leon


I call it the ‘Spanish Giulietta’. Nice shapes and lines. This is how VW products should look like.

What’s your top 10?


14 thoughts on “My top 10 favorite non-Fiat cars

  1. Hola Felipe! what about the DS3? I quite like your list, with the exception of the Octavia (but this is a good value-for-money) – if I had to mention a Skoda, I would prefer the Superb or the Fabia…


  2. Citroen DS is a very incredible marketing idea.

    Someone in the web has maked the remake of the Fiat 127.

    Would be a good competitor of Citroen DS3, and the future generation of the Punto can be only 5 doors.

    Is a good idea or not?


  3. The serie 6 of BMW is better in the restyling but far from be a nice car in my opinion. The latest Range Rover with the headlights replaced in style Evoque seems a temporary model waiting for something better. The new Leon is not so bad, but I preferred the previous version. This one do not impressed me so much from stylistic point of view. Only an opinion… Bye


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