FCA in 2015: Jeep Renegade amongst FCA’s top 10 models

2016-Jeep-Renegade-Trailhawk-SUV-Background-Wallpaper-HDLast year Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sold 4,6 million units worldwide. Total volume did not grow compared to 2014 results due to mixed results in its four regions. While EMEA and NAFTA posted positive changes, LATAM and APAC sales dropped considerably. Therefore the whole group lost another year to achieve its 2018 goals that were announced more than two years ago at the Investors Day. Following the lines of that presentation, FCA will sell around seven million units by that year, helped by a global Jeep brand, the luxury success of Maserati and more Alfa Romeos. Despite the difficulties FCA may encounter to meet this goal, Jeep is definitely improving its position within the group, and the Renegade is for sure part of that.

Renegade 2

During its first full year in the market, the Renegade managed to enter FCA’s top 10. Estimated sales. Source: FGW database, JATO Dynamics, Bestsellingcarsblog, National car sales statistics

When the B-SUV of Jeep was revealed in Geneva 2014, the first impressions from the public anticipated a complete flop. The sentiment on internet showed that a big part of Europeans hated the Renegade for its boxy design. But Sergio Marchionne was right, and despite the negative opinion the baby SUV received during its first days, the company was convinced this was going to be a success. And it is. In 2015, the Jeep Renegade was the 9th best-selling car of FCA, outselling other key products like the  Fiat Palio and Dodge Caravan.

Renegade 4

USA and Brazil became the Renegade’s largest markets. China is expected to join them this year. Source: FGW database, Bestsellingcarsblog.com, National car sales statistics

The Renegade was first introduced in Europe in September 2014. By the end of that year the brand sold 8.500 units. During its first full year of sales, the baby Jeep’s global sales jumped up to 161.300 units, of which 61.000 remained in USA since March 2015, and 39.200 were sold in Brazil, its second largest market. European volume grew by 563% from 8.500 units in 2014 to 56.300 units in 2015. The forecast for 2016? this car could easily enter FCA’s global top 5 as its demand continues to grow in all countries. Total sales for 2016 are expected to be around 250.000 units as China will soon join the Renegade boom with localized production. Meanwhile the brand prepares its Mexican factory for the production of its all-new C-SUV to replace the old Compass and Patriot. Jeep heads easily to its 2018 goal of selling 1,9 million units.


9 thoughts on “FCA in 2015: Jeep Renegade amongst FCA’s top 10 models

  1. UK sales will improve if they can expand the dealer network here, particular where I live in Scotland. We are also very short of Alfa Romeo dealers, so joint dealerships covering both brands would be the way forward.


  2. Hi Jaun, I enjoy reading your articles. One note, I believe FCA has increased its 2018 sales of Jeep to 2.1 million.


  3. Jeep cherokee is second best despite a design far from perfect, especially for european tastes… I wonder how many would be sold with a more consensual design…
    Even with the new 2.2 diesel sales are residual…


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