Stellantis lineup is only 4.5 months older than VW’s

As of November 2020, the average age of Stellantis lineup is only 4 months and 15 days higher than Volkswagen Group’s range. This is the first conclusions from an analysis of the combined operations of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Peugeot Société Anonyme (PSA), now together under Stellantis.

In contrast to the general belief, the new group is not lagging behind Volkswagen Group in terms of products. At least from the point of view of age, a good indicator of the technologic progress and development in the motor industry, Stellantis recorded an average of 4 years and almost 9 months including all of the products that are available globally today.

Volkswagen Group and its 13 brands managed to post an average of 4 years and a bit more than 4 months. This is remarkable, considering that this German OEM has a current offer of 95 different models around the world.

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PSA better than FCA

Actually, the French part of Stellantis contributes positively with a very low average. The current vehicles of Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and DS are 4 years old in average, thanks mostly to the relatively new B-SUVs and C-SUVs. Since Carlos Tavares took the control of PSA, he started to drop the slow-selling models and renew the key ones.

Today they have more models available than FCA, despite the big difference in the number of brands between these groups. PSA has more modern cars than FCA in the A, B, D, E, B-SUV, C-SUV and D-SUV segments.

Stellantis has 68 different models available

The new group has 68 different models between 12 brands, with FCA putting less than half. In fact, the French side of this OEM is going to be essential for the improvement in several segments. This is the case in the B segment for example, where FCA has only one model available in Europe (Ypsilon in Italy), whereas PSA offers the Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa and Citroen C3.

The current offer of Stellantis lags behind the lineups of Volkswagen Group, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, and is still smaller than Toyota, who has only 3 brands in its lineup. If Stellantis wants to play in the big leagues, it will need to update the update the old products, but more important, to enlarge its offer in almost all segments.


4 thoughts on “Stellantis lineup is only 4.5 months older than VW’s

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  2. “At least from the point of view of age, a good indicator of the technologic progress and development in the motor industry”

    What basis does this claim have? If you have to change your models often, it’s because you didn’t get it right the first time.


  3. I will support this Group,and all their brands. The pandemic has been difficult for any business,but I believe they will put together some good product very soon. I still think they have the best brand name. I am more into the Italian side of the brands,and I know they will all share a few components,and build back better than GM,Toyota and VW especially. I won’t touch GM or VW brands,no matter what they make. Good luck Stellantis. I am with you.


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