The Ferrari SUV is inevitable

Times change and only those who anticipate it and adapt are set to become key players in the future. This is very evident in the car industry, which despite keeping its original basis intact for more than a century, it is now facing big challenges. New mobility concepts, more energy sources and even the ownership […]

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Brazil: Alfa Romeo beats Ferrari

Even if both brands are rare to see in the Brazilian roads, people over there are some how aware of the sporty and Italian fascination of Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. Yes, there are some official dealers of Ferrari, and soon Alfa Romeo will be officially introduced using Chrysler dealerships. But it is always good to […]

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Looking at the other China

One country, two societies. China is world’s most populated country and soon will be the largest economy. Its accelerated economic growth has made of it a big market where everybody wants to be. Automotive world is part of this boom doing both, creating better economic conditions to Chinese, and getting big profits from the business […]

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Marchionne’s two paths

Finally Fiat-Chrysler has revealed its results for the third quarter and the plan for coming years. Fiat is indeed in a complicated situation in terms of its European sales figures and profits. Nevertheless the group revealed that during the third quarter of this year its EBIT, Earning Before Interest and Taxes advanced 12% to 951 […]

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What comes for Ferrari

Yes, Ferrari is also part of the whole group although its management and business are independent from Fiat Group. This has allowed Ferrari guys to keep some distance from troubles around its partners and develop unique models that in most of case don’t share anything with the small Fiats. Nevertheless is important to mention that […]

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