Dodge Dart or Chevrolet Cruze?

Dart vs Cruze 2The latest Dodge against the Chevy Cruze. Two Americans conceived to become global. The Cruze has been more time in the market so this has allowed it to enlarge its offer with 3 body types options and arrive in almost all nations with interesting results. The Dart was born last year and is already available in North America and China. Which one do you like more?

Dart vs Cruze 3

Dart vs Cruze 4

Dart vs Cruze 5

Dart vs Cruze 6

Dart vs Cruze 7

Dart vs Cruze 8


2 thoughts on “Dodge Dart or Chevrolet Cruze?

  1. I think the Dart is the best looking car in the segment in the US and probably one of the best looking sedans to come from the US.


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