Fiat HQ: in Turin or USA?

Fiat and Chrysler HQRecently specialized press has published some rumors indicating that Fiat is considering to move its Head Quarters from Turin to USA. The reason for this is mainly financial as the company would be able to have a better access to capital markets if its shares are traded in NY Stock Exchange instead of Milan index. When Fiat bought Chrysler, most of the analysts predicted the opposite situation: the American company would be downsized and assimilated into operations in Italy. But things have changed since 2009, Chrysler isn’t the problem anymore, and Fiat faces one of its worst crisis due to European economic downturn. In 2012, Chrysler sold 2,4 million units against 1,8 units sold by Fiat. But moving the HQ isn’t a simple thing to do. First of all, it would mean the end of the historical marriage Fiat-Italy, and this wouldn’t be tolerated by labor unions and Italian authorities. Second, the bad image the company has in Italy could become even worse after telling Italians that it isn’t an Italian company anymore. And third, all the tax structure and economic help the company receives from government would immediately changed. Even if the company denied that it’s considering this move, sooner or later it will have to decide, once the final purchase of Chrysler is completed. Do you agree or not to move Fiat Head Quarters from Turin to USA?

Results for Poll # 11

Fiat 500: 94%

Opel Adam: 6%

Total Votes: 128


11 thoughts on “Fiat HQ: in Turin or USA?

  1. For Italians, retaining the headquarters in Turin is the second best option, and moving it to the US is the third best (i.e. worst) option.

    The best option in the eyes of Italians is of course to have the headquarters situated in Wolfsburg, Germany. If you don’t believe me, then just have a look at all those Italians who have outright demanded that Volkswagen take over Alfa Romeo…


  2. On one hand Italy is a bad place to do business in. On the other, could moving out of Italy make the cars less Italian over time? I think the Italian government needs to make Italy more conducive for business and investment.


  3. Yes, moving out of Italy make Fiat cars less Italian.
    Why buying a serbian or a polish car branded Fiat? Better buying an original German one.
    Marchionne clearly wants to move all the stuff in Detroit (near his loved Toronto) since the start of the fusion (2009).
    Agnelli family and himself will make a lot of money and this is the only important thing for them.
    Italy is bad for doing business? So why Ferrari and Lamborghini are italians?


    • Better buying an original German one.

      Then I guess ostensibly German cars such as the Slovakian built VW Up, VW Touareg and Audi Q7, the Spanish-built VW Polo and Audi Q3, the Mexican-built VW Jetta and VW Beetle, the Polish-built VW Caddy, the Argentinian-built VW Amarok, the Portuguese-built VW Sharan and VW Scirocco and the Belgian-built Audi A1, are not of interest.


    • Ferrari is an exceptional success. But how many cars do they make? 8000? Lambo? I won’t be surprised if they move out component manufacture like they did to Bentley. Why have all the other EU countries got foreign car makers in and Italy has none?? Need to face facts. Italy is lousy for business. Changes in legislation required.


  4. If the combined HQ is in Italy, is a Chrysler then an Italian car, even if it’s not sold in Italy? Sergio will never be able to produce an ideal solution on either side, so I question why this merger is so necessary?? I understand all the financial and capitalisation benefits, but a full merger will undermine public perception of the company on one side or both, along with draining FIAT’s accounts in the process of buying Chrysler. This money would have been better used to rebuild Alfa, and allow Chrysler to go public. After that they could consider a Nissan-Renault type share exchange, where the companies are tied together, and with a common CEO.


  5. Communists & German lovers in Italy are not real Italians. Real Italians rather close Alfa Romeo then let the crucchi own & devalue their beloved brand. (ala Lamborghini, Ducati, italdesign etc.) 2nd, Marchionne, Angelli Family & Fiat & Chrysler need Italy more then Italy needs them. The design & automotive technology is superior to the Germans, let alone the Americans. Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo would never exist if it wern’t for Italy. Chrysler could not survive in the USA on their own, Fiat/Chrysler will not survive with out Italy.


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  8. As i see Fiat S.p.a and Fiat Industrual should stay in Italy, because the Original and the moother country of Fiat is Italy, so its a big disaster and shame if we move Fiat Hedquarters to USA, Fiat should stay its head quarter in Italy, and creat other non official HQ in usa and the rest of the world


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