Alfa Romeo updates the MiTo

Alfa Romeo MiToAlfa Romeo has made a tiny update to the MiTo, based on the Italian official website pictures and car configurator. The changes, which aren’t quite visible, concern the front grill, the chrome outline of the headlights, new colours, and a new infotainment system. There are new optionals like the rims, and some interior details. In total, the updated MiTo isn’t considered a restyling as many people were waiting for. The model, which is 5 years old hasn’t received a deep facelift since its introduction, and its sales registrations drop dramatically, making Alfa Romeo to lose market share everywhere it is present. It is a pity that the brand didn’t show any real change as expected. In this way it will be very difficult to increase sales registrations of this model, as its competitors are getting stronger and soon, BMW will introduce the all-new Mini. In my opinion, the brand is waiting to long for the real changes and the 4C is a great opportunity to refresh current range (only 2 models) and bring more people to the showrooms. According to Fiat Group’s World partner’s website, Cars Italy, MiTo’s sales have dropped 38% in Italy (Jan-May), 56% in Germany (Jan-Apr), and 30% in Spain (Jan-May). Official press release about the new features is expected shortly.

The tiny update includes a new infotainment system and new colours and materials. Image took from Car Configurator from

The tiny update includes a new infotainment system and new colours and materials. Image took from the Car Configurator in

23 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo updates the MiTo

    • Really? The way Aston Martin and Jaguar were better off under Ford’s ownership? I think not. Alfa must remain Italian, but Fiat must work harder to ensure it’s survival.


  1. I agree, it’s a pity updates to Alfa and Fiat models have been so minimal, probably due to lack of funds available for development. Marchionne argues that he doesn’t want to invest in Europe until the economy turns around, but i’m starting to think his argument is more of a smokescreen. Fiat and Alfa are both global brands and need updated product now to increase sales. These funds however are being redirected to the buyout of Chrysler rather than product development. I fear this will cost Fiat more in the long run.. They need new product much more than they need the full merger…


  2. Could it be that Alfa is focusing on the all new Mito instead? The Mito was never the most competitive car in the segment. Also this old Grande Punto platform is on the way out with the new 500L one in. So it makes sense not to invest in a declining model and focus on the next one. Of course this hurts the brand in the short term but that’s a gamble that Marchionne is willing to take I guess.


    • I hope your right! I didn’t think personally that the exterior needed much work, but any facelift does need to stand out to bring in buyers and based on this picture that doesn’t seem to be the case. Inside the infotainment system looks a step forward but there are a couple of areas where I had hoped for more changes too. Does anyone know how new or different the 500L platform is from the current Punto/Mito platform. If it is new or reasonably new, and Fiat were to get a new Mito out by 2015 then this facelift is probably a reasonable strategic decision. If not…..


  3. First of all, I want to thank the admin, for creating such a great website. I am on it atleast 5 times a day, always expecting some new news from Fiat group. I totally agree with other people. They are making progres too slow, which I think isn’t making anyhting good for them, and im a bit worried that they wont get ran over on every segment they have. Also I never understood, how people still look at italian cars as something the worst that money can buy. I think KIA was a very bad car about 15 years ago, but now people buy them constantly. But nobody gives the italians a chance. I know they made poor quality cars back in the days, which many had rust problems etc. but still, I would buy a Fiat or Alfa over a VW any day.


    • Thanks a lot Domy. Italian cars deserve a chance but they must improve a lot as well. I agree they are awesome from the point of view of design, but they need more marketing. Keep reading


  4. All the money is going to acquires Chrysler’ shares.
    No money left for new product of Fiat’s Europe.
    In the long run it will cost a lot. It’s easy to lose market share, very difficult to regain it in a so competitive market as Europe.


    • This makes perfect sense because ONLY after the full purchase will Fiat have access to Chrysler’s cash which is said to be $ 7.5bn which should help nicely for new product development and launches. Yes regaining EU mkt share will be very tough because the competitors are so strong. That’s why SM has decided to relaunch the brand in the US first and then leverage into the EU on that “success”.


  5. It’s a difficult time to be a fan of Alfa, Fiat and Lancia…. It’s painful to watch such a slow and steady decline with apparently no action being taken.


      • To wit: look at all those “fans” who want Alfa Romeo to become Audi Romeo – those are definitely not real Alfa fans.


      • Well this one won’t be buying a new one when they arrive, because unfortunately I could not afford to buy a new car. I don’t believe this makes me less of an admirer of the brand… I drive a 2008 Alfa 159 now, which replaced a 2000 Fiat Marea, both bought second hand. My problem now is what do I replace my 159 with when the time comes? When the Giulia arrives (2014? 2015?) I must still wait 3-4 years before it’s in my price range. I now have no options within my favourite car brands to buy my favoured choice of car, a saloon. This is why I state that’s it’s a difficult time to be a fan of the group, an entire demographic of buyers has been thrown away.


      • You’re right Darren. But if you look carefully, most of the self considered fans won’t even consider an Alfa Romeo when it comes to decide what car to buy. It happens now as there isn’t a big range of product, but I am sure it will happen in the future when the Giulia, and other models will be available.


  6. Ow I completly forgot about that news that Audi is trying to buy Alfa or something. So, what really happened?


    • If I was guessing it was either a story planted by VW management to tempt Marchionne into seeing if he could fund the Chrysler merger by selling Alfa, or Marchionne wanted to see if cash rich VW/Audi would make the sort of breathtaking offer to buy Alfa that couldn’t be turned down. You never know but I doubt anything will come of it unless the relauch fails next year…


      • The bigger question, I think, is whether Marchionne can successfully conclude the financing to buy rest of Chrysler, and to negotiate a price with the UAW VEBA trust. I believe this is the only scenario in which he would consider selling Alfa Romeo.

        But he’s a finance guy, so at least he should be in his element on this one.


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