FCA’s current range includes 59 models, 6 years old average age

I have updated the global range of FCA products (Ferrari included). It includes all of the passenger cars and vans currently in production. The company offers 59 different models all over the world, which are being produced in several countries and sold almost everywhere.

FCA 1The nine brands of the car maker, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati and RAM, show an average age of 6 years, counted from the year they were all launched. We find cars as old as the Palio Fire or Siena EL, which were first introduced in 1996, or 21 years ago! The average excludes all kinds of facelifts, even if they changed the mechanics of the car (which is the case of most of the Ferraris).


Jeep and Ferrari have the youngest ranges (3 years old), as they benefit from recent launches like the Compass and Portofino respectively. On the other hand there is Fiat and RAM, which offer the oldest cars (8 years old). In the case of Fiat, it is negatively affected by the old Brazilian products like the Palio, Siena, Ducato and Strada. RAM gets ready the all-new generation pickup.


In terms of segmentation, it is interesting to see that the biggest part of the range correspond to sport cars. 11 of the 59 models make part of this segment, with 5 brands offering a sport car: Alfa Romeo 4C, Dodge Challenger and Viper, 5 Ferarris, Fiat 124 Spider, and Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio. Subcompacts have also a big presence in FCA’s range. The company currently offers 11 different B-Cars in its range.

The next most popular segments in terms of offer are the SUV with Jeep playing with 5 models, Dodge with 2, and Alfa, Fiat and Maserati with one each. Vans and Pickups come next with 6 models each. The group offers 4 different city-cars and 4 different MPVs.


The origin of the products shows also an interesting result. Production locations include 14 different countries distributed as follows: 2 in LATAM, 3 in NAFTA, 5 in EMEA and 4 in APAC. Most of the models are made in Italy (20), Brazil (14) and USA (8), but there are also cars coming from Thailand and Japan. The Italian quota is mostly composed by premium cars, as Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo contributed with 5 made-in-Italy cars each. Fiat global range is mostly made in Brazil (12), Italy (4) and Turkey (4).

Click here to see the full list of models


2 thoughts on “FCA’s current range includes 59 models, 6 years old average age

  1. Nice statistics, but I think it is needed some clarification. I accept that Palio Fire and Siena EL are still available in South America, but there are successors among them. Palio II and Grande Siena are also available for many years. Palio Fire has its 3rd generation facelift and Siena EL has its 4th generation facelift. I guess they are „classic” models and they are the cheapest, however I do not think that they have better selling results against the successors. They are not main modells, I would not compare them.

    The production of FIAT passenger cars In EMEA region is scattered. Fiat 500, Lancia Ypsilon are produced in Poland, Tipo Family is produced in Turkey, 124 Spider is produced in Japan, 500L Family is produced in Serbia. Only 500X, Punto and Panda III are produced in Italy. However according to the news the factory of Pomigliano d’arco will be soon retooled so the next Panda may move to Poland. I think that Punto will reach the end of its lifecycle soon. So FIAT name as „Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino” belongs to the past.

    I see two main problems. It is good, that FCA has 10 SUVs, but this is few. JEEP is not strong in Europe, so the european brands should produce more SUVS. Stelvio and Levante are in other groups, only 500x is affordable. As you wrote a cheap B SUV may arrive, and a CUV is really missing.

    In Subcompact segment Punto is really old. It got facelifts and technical upgrandes, but it is 12 years old. Marchionne always says, that he does not want a car with small margins in subcompact segment.

    However subcompact segment is the leader in Europe. Compact segment is the 2nd. Last year the Minicar segment slipped to the 5th place. It is sad to see it, because FIAT is strong in that segment with 500 and Panda. Small SUV segment was 4th and Compact SUVs segment was 3rd on the list.


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