New Fiat Punto: for India only?

Non-official pictures coming from Indian sites were published showing an updated version of the Fiat Punto. It is more or less what we already saw some months ago when Fiat presented the Avventura concept, a ‘SUV-wanna be’ Punto that was very well commented by the public during those days. The Avventura and the new Punto are part of Fiat […]

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The resurrection of Fiat in India?

More than 1.000 units sold in one month. This result wasn’t possible since May 2012, when sales dropped 53% on May 2011 (the last month of strong growth). Since then, Fiat’s share shrunk from 1,25% in 2009 to 0,29% in 2013 YTD, after several product and distribution problems. Competition became tougher with more offer coming […]

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More Jeep in emerging markets

It seems Chrysler’s plans to enhance Jeep presence worldwide begin to take place. The brand expects to sell around 800.000 units by 2014 as it was mentioned in recent plans, so it needs urgently new markets to expand its presence and therefore its global sales. Though Jeep is one of the few 100% global brands […]

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