More videos of the Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa 4C VideosThis week was a bit exciting for the pre-launch of the Alfa Romeo 4C. The brand released 3 interesting videos promoting its new super light sport car. The first one, called ‘L’Eccellenza del made in Italy’, shows the different production steps in Maserati’s factory, focusing on the production of the carbon base, and the offices of the brand in Modena. The second one, more dynamic, shows a black 4C in Balocco circuit, showing its handling skills. Finally, there is one viral video coming from Madrid, where the 4C becomes the star along with Marc Gene, the famous Spanish F1 pilot. In Europe, the Alfa Romeo 4C will be available from September 2013, and USA and Asia will not wait for to long. Every time I see this car I love it more and more. These videos and much more are available in the Multimedia section.


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