Europe: “We need to get this issue under control”, Marchionne

Here there are the main highlights of Sergio Marchionne’s interview with Luca Ciferri, Editor-in-Chief of Automotive News Europe:

  • Inevitable the move of merging Fiat and Chrysler by the year 2014
  • Big effort on relaunching Europe operations
  • 2013 total sales target: 4.3 million from which 2.6 million (60%) correspond to Chrysler. It means Chrysler sales will grow 8% while Fiat ones would decline 6%
  • Problem with distribution of production in North America
  • “Success” for the coming Chrysler 200, to be presented in Detroit 2013
  • Regarding Chrysler 100 he thinks “is a great idea to provide dealers in the U.S. with two options in the compact segment”
  • If Chrysler 100 gets produced will come to Europe as the new Lancia Delta
  • Reason for poor results of Lancia Thema/Flavia/Voyager: selling a premium brand in a difficult market is tough. The market is getting smaller
  • The Dodge Dart effectively started rolling out in late September. The target is unchanged
  • He wants different body types for the next generation¬†Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. Marketing study is on the way
  • Fiat 500 results in America: great product. Different approach from different people in charge of its sales
  • Jeep can reach 1 million units but it does not have the capacity right now
  • The new SUV from Maserati, the Levante, will be built in Mirafiori, Turin with a lot of the underpinnings coming from the U.S.
  • Jeep’s production in China: the company will remain in USA. It can do CKD units but everything coming from U.S. market.
  • Alfa Romeo to VW: “there are some things that are not available for sale… I have zero interest in selling Alfa”

Source: Automotive News


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