Alfa Romeo Giulietta or VW Golf?

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 1Third poll and this time not as easy as before. Now is a beautiful Alfa against a popular VW. Is passion against rationalism. Both of them compact cars with a sporty soul, but extremely different in their approach and concept. Remember that it is just a matter of taste and nothing related to brand awareness, perception or purchase decision. Is simple: which one do you like more?

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 2

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 3

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 4

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 5

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 6

Alfa Giulietta vs VW Golf 7


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Results for Poll # 2

Jeep Grand Cherokee: 94%

Ford Explorer: 6%

Total Votes: 81


14 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Giulietta or VW Golf?

  1. La comparacion deberia ser QV vs GTI. O comparando entre sí las versiones más básicas, que esteticamente son menos llamativas.

    Igualmente, esto es muy fácil. Senza cuore saremmo solo macchine.


    • Es simple: el modelo Giulietta contra el modelo Golf. Sin versiones ni motores. El auto como tal. Al final el QV o GTI son versiones mejor terminadas de un mismo auto.


  2. i was a bit in doubt since i really don’t like the giulietta’s frontlights (the rest is gorgeous) but then i looked the golf’s ones… so dull, they are just the same in every car they make


  3. It’s getting harder and harder to keep a track of styling changes of the Golf. The recent ones all look similar and there’s zero excitement. The Giulietta is a world apart. However the Golf is a rounded package that offers a extensive range. The Giulietta will need a facelift and more variants to keep fighting.


      • A sportwagon/shooting brake would be nice. Something with more cargo space- say a capacity halfway between the Golf hatch and Golf wagon. The Giulietta already looks like a coupe, so a 2 door probably not worthwhile. It’s pretty tight inside for legroom, so a Giulietta is less likely to appeal to families – unless it’s a second car. For couples without the need for rear seat space, I think the Giulietta is perfect.


      • For sure!They have to do the same as Benz with A-class.
        Giulietta is 2010..i have no words..they wait for the end of the world.
        One more time: incompetence.


      • I totally agree with you Varela, a shooting brake would be a good idea. The only problem is that Italians prefer common SW so this car would have to look overseas to survive.


  4. Why is a premium vehicle like the Giulietta compared with a “generalista” effort like the Golf? It would be more logical to compare the Fiat Bravo with the Golf, and compare the Giulietta with the Audi A3 (which admittedly is just a Golf in drag, but still…), BMW 1 series, etc.


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